Parrot Bebop Drone sneak peak in Florida – May 2014

Take aerial video and pictures like a pro! Parrot Bebop Drone, the ultra-light drone with a full HD camera digitally stabilized on its 3-axis!  To benefit from a more powerful Wi-Fi connection, Parrot will offer the Skycontroller as an option. Equipped with an amplified Wi-Fi radio and with 4 antennas, the Parrot Skycontroller extend the Wi-Fi range up to 2 kms.

The piloting Smartphone or tablet is fixed on a shelf that is compatible with the vast majority of the tablets available in the market.  The pilot takes the helm of the drone via 2 joysticks.  For extreme sensations, it is possible to connect FPV (First Person View) glasses to the Parrot Skycontroller with the HDMI plug.  Then, leaning the head will position the camera of the Bebop Drone!

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Expert pilots and beginners should take the helm of leisure drones in a responsible manner and in respect of the local rules and regulations.

Source: Youtube