Skyteboard 3G Quadcopter with Fatdoor Social Network Connect

Skyteboard™ 3G is the world’s first Internet enabled quadcopter meaning that it communicates altitude and position over the web. The Skyteboard 3G is controlled with an iOS or Android device through a centralized neighborhood social network, was originally a venture backed company in 2007 that was funded by a CEO of PayPal, and professors in the Stanford University Computer Science department including Dr. Hector Garcia-Molina (Oracle board member) and Dr. Rajiv Motwani, one of the first investors in Google and faculty advisor to Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The assets of the original Fatdoor sold to Google in 2011. The current Fatdoor is a self-funded restart with the same name with the original CEO.

What does it mean that the Skyteboard 3G is controlled by the Fatdoor social network?

It means that multiple friends who are physically near each other and connected through the Fatdoor social network will be able to do things never before possible with their mobile phones and tablets, such as “fly together” through formation flights, and do amazing coordinated activities, such as mirror each others flights and record events from multiple angles.

The Skyteboard 3G features onboard 3G cellular, WiFi, and a payload capacity of 1 lbs. This allows you to add a GoPro Hero 3 Camera to compliment the Skyteboard 3G’s impressive internal Full HD camera, enabling two cameras on the single quadcopter. We hope to achieve a flight time of up to 15 minutes (and extended with an extra capacity battery). In addition, attachments to the Skyteboard 3G can be made with a 3D printer of your own, so you can design a payload extension that meets your wishes.

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