Airdog’s Next Stretch Goal – Obstacle Avoidance Solution

What if your AirDog knew how to avoid walls and trees? We think you already know where we are getting now. We never dared to aim that high, but lately we have started to believe that with your support we could reach that 1 mil USD stretch goal. And if that happens we see that we can take AirDog to the hall of fame for drone technologies.

We announce AirDog’s Obstacle Avoidance Solution as our next stretch goal set at $ 1,000,000. We will add this to AirDog’s arsenal to make it the best auto-follow drone your money can buy!

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We will implement a solution for obstacle avoidance already in the first version of AirDogs at no additional cost. As soon as we have intellectual property related issues sorted out we will provide more details on this. We will reveal everything on this during last ten days into the campaign. 

What is your mission in this great achievement? To make it happen you have to get involved. This time it’s for real. Get behind us by sharing, telling your friends, your local newspapers, your friends from TV, your youtube blogger buddies, your famous musician friends and athletes you admire, your girlfriend and your tae-kwon-do coach. Now it’s action time! Visit our page and simply hit that share button. Don’t forget to follow us on and

$1,000,000 US AirDog get’s an obstacle avoidance solution at no additional cost.

Source: Kickstarter