Filming the first airshow via drone

The Rocky Mountain Airshow was granted special permission to fly and film the very first drone perspective of the Airshow.This event was FAA sanctioned and through the AMA, guidelines were set up to ensure the drone and the aircraft did not collide while at the airport!

Watch P-51’s, jets, jet powered gliders and other warbirds scream through the skies of colorado! This perspective showcases how drones can provide never before seen view of historic warbirds, fireworks, rocket launch, and drone demonstrations. Enjoy this adventure through time and space!

Filmed with Canon 6d and Go Pro Hero 3+ flown with Dji Phantom 2.  For more information about the Rocky Mountain Airshow, please visit:  Performers: Gary Rower, Buck Roetman, Bob Carlton, Don Nelson, The Red Stars, The Rocky Mountain Renegades, Denver Flight Squadron.

This year, what we were able to do at the airshow, represents an early step with UAS integration into U.S. airspace. Once you decide to join the movement and purchase your own aircraft, you’re going to need something to keep you safe and legal.

We used to be able to just pick up an RC aircraft and fly pretty much anywhere we wanted to, But there are few options that would allow that today.
Soon there will be apps like Legal Flyer for beginners and pros, to make sure you know where it is, and where it isn’t, ok, to fly your phantom.
There are few options but soon, you will be able to use apps like Legal Flyer to stay safe and legal, while obtaining permission to fly over private land.
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