Hoverbike drone is a revolution in aviation

Hoverbike is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better

– It is said that if you give a man a fish, you can feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime –

The objective of this campaign is to kick-start sales of our beautiful 1/3rd scale Hoverbike drone and accessories via your pledges, and to help create a long term income stream that we can use to continue development of the manned Hoverbike.

The Hoverbike is the result of years worth of R&D. We combined the simplicity of a motorbike and the freedom of a helicopter to create the world’s first flying motorcycle.

When compared with a helicopter, the Hoverbike is cheaper, more rugged and easier to use – and represents a whole new way to fly.  The Hoverbike flies like a quadcopter, and can be flown unmanned or manned, while being a safe – low level aerial workhorse with low on-going maintenance.

We are in the final construction stages of the latest manned prototype of Hoverbike, and in a few months we will start flight testing. After the successful completion of test flights we will build a final engineering prototype for submission to aviation certification authorities. This all takes a lot of time and money and raising funds to achieve this is what this campaign is all about.  We have a proven track record over the years, and our dedication to the Hoverbike development will continue beyond this kickstarter campaign until we are ready for sale of the manned Hoverbike.  

Apart from being a beautiful quadcopter to look at and fly – why are we selling a 1/3rd scale drone?

This drone was originally built as a proof of concept for our latest full-sized Hoverbike prototype.  After testing the 1/3rd Hoverbike, we realized that it had lots of features that made it a fantastic drone, not only this – selling this scale Hoverbike to the public would allow us to raise funds to continue the development of the manned version.

Apart from its stunning and original looks, our drone is safe and versatile, and when coupled with a 3DR Pixhawk flight controller it can fly by itself on a pre-determined flight path, return to home, loiter, follow and more!

Whats in the box:

The “bare bones” 1/3 Hoverbike drone will be delivered with:

  • 1x Frame
  • 4x Motors
  • 4x Propellers
  • 1x Macro Micro board & built in LED lights
  • Fully assembled

The standard “bind-and-fly” 1/3 Hoverbike drone will be delivered with:

  • 1x Frame
  • 4x Motors
  • 4x Propellers
  • 4x ESC
  • 2x Battery (6Ahr)
  • 1x Flight Controller (Pixhawk)
  • 1x Macro Micro board & built in LED lights
  • Fully assembled and flight tested (just need to bind to your own radio)

 If you have never flown a multicopter before, we highly recommend purchasing a small drone to practice with first (the Hubsan X4 is great to start with).  We designed this 1/3rd scale Hoverbike to be safe and robust, however without rc experience you will be sure to fly your brand new Hoverbike into the ground on the first day and there are practical limits to how strong we can make this!

See our website for more information about our 1/3rd Hoverbike Drone.

Our MAcro Micro is an Arduino Micro compatible microcontroller that is easy to program, with 3A inputs and outputs, up to 30V in, analog out, and has hundreds of uses in robotics and home projects, including stepper motor driver, LED strip light controller, servo actuator, fan speed controller, brew kit controller, electric car window conversions – the list goes on!

We designed this tiny board to drive the multicolor LED’s on the Hoverbike, and to allow owners of our 1/3rd Hoverbikee to do more with their drone than just look passively from the sky, by switching and actuating levers, release pins, spot lights via their radio or program.

Please see our website for more detailed information.

This rugged bag has been designed as a carrycase for our 1/3 scale Hoverbike, and can also be used as a rucksack, carrying sports equipment or as a travel bag. Foam padding throughout the walls helps to protect contents from inevitable knocks.

We’ll contact you so you can choose your favourite t-shirt color, size and design. Our t-shirts are proudly worn by our staff and supporters when at airshows, events, raves and around the home 😉

 Cyborg Buster is a CAD model ready for 3D printing on most common printers (model above was printed on an orcabot). It is a 1/3rd scale human, semi-articulated, and has a space in his head specially designed for a Go-Pro camera and ready to place on your 1/3rd scale Hoverbike drone.

Production Timeline

Month: 0
  • Kickstarter Finish
  • Place Orders For Parts and Products
  • Receive Payment From Kickstater
  • Send Thankyou and CAD model of Cyborg Buster
  • Ship T-Shirts
Month: 1
  • Receive Bags
  • Ship Bags
Month: 2
  • Receive Macro Micros
  • Ship Macro Micros
  • Start Receiving 1/3rd Drone Parts
  • QA and Organisation of Incoming 1/3 Drone Parts
Month: 3
  • Start Assembling Bare Bones 1/3 Drone
  • Functional Testing of Bare Bones 1/3 Drone
  • Ship Bare Bones 1/3 Drones  /  Start Assembling of Early Bird ‘Bind & Fly’ 1/3 Drones
Month: 4
  • QA Testing of Early Bird ‘Bind & Fly’ 1/3 Drone
  • Ship Early Bird ‘Bind & Fly’ 1/3 Drone  /  Assembly Started ‘Bind & Fly’ 1/3 Drones
Month: 5
  • QA Testing of ‘Bind & Fly’ 1/3 Drones
  • Ship ‘Bind & Fly’ 1/3 Drones

About The Hoverbike

Any bike enthusiast can tell you about the sense of freedom and adventure one gets from riding a motorbike. Hoverbike takes that to a completely new level! Yet, it’s not just a recreational form of personal transport. Its low cost and practical size lends itself to search and rescue, precision farming and cattle mustering, first-responder emergency services and cargo insertion of up to 120kg (265lbs) into confined spaces. We believe it would be ideal for ski and mountain rescue, airborne logistics and time-sensitive personnel insertion/extraction during major disasters.

It can be folded and palletised to a third of its size, then quickly and easily transported by land, sea or air when required.

Why we need your support

We’re really excited about the idea of cheap, safe airborne transport and operations. This is something we and our large community of supporters around the world are really passionate about. And, with your help to back this project, we can continue the evolution of flight, through the full scale prototype construction and test flying of the Hoverbike.

We hope Kickstarter will help us to build a continuing revenue stream through the sale of scale model Hoverbike drones, micro controllers, accessories and other innovative products. If we can nurture the sales of these products through the huge kick-start that you and this fantastic platform can give, we hope we can continue to fund the Hoverbike development through to production.

The Change From The First Hoverbike Prototype

Our first Hoverbike prototype is a bi-copter. The vehicle is controlled by deflecting thrust from its two propellers using control vanes – these are a bit like rudders or ailerons on a plane.  After extensive testing involving the manned vehicle and scale models, we moved to a proven quadcopter design, because with current technology we could not design a bi-copter cheap enough for safe and competitive sales. The bi-copter is an elegant solution and vehicle – however the available technology is not ready yet for a practical vehicle of this bi-copter design.

The most noticeable feature of the new Hoverbike and the 1/3rd scale drone is its unique patent pending offset and overlapping rotor blades, designed to reduce weight and planform area. Just like the manned vehicle, the ducting around the propellers is a safety feature, and the vehicle is lightweight and powerful, while folding to a compact size for transportation.

Thank you

We hope you will support the Hoverbike and generously support the continued development of this amazing little aircraft.

Kickstarter helps us develop products and accessories that we can sell in order to continue to fund development of the manned Hoverbike, with your help to back this project, we can continue the revolution and evolution of flight

A big thanks from the Hoverbike team, and a big thanks to those who have supported us – and continue to support us over the years.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

We have used a range of different manufacturers and suppliers for construction of the models and the prototypes since last year, and so have had time to weed out those that were unreliable or did not provide the quality that we demand. We are now reasonably confident of the reliability and workmanship of those suppliers that we use presently, and we will invite them to tender for production fulfilment once our campaign is successfully completed and we are ready to start building and fulfilling your rewards.

It is also worth mentioning that our products and material suppliers are divided into two categories: Those who supply standard and existing products and materials, and those who have been creating bespoke engineering or electronic components for us.

The “existing products” suppliers are fairly easy to weed out. They either deliver good quality materials and products, on time, or not. If a supplier consistently fails to deliver “quality, on time”, we look for another supplier. Our present suppliers have so far been consistent in providing good quality product, on time.

For example, we have used the Arduino APM board for flight control, and have tested the DJI Naza board, both of which are standard and popular products. We plan to use the new Pixhawk board (ie APM V3) which is fairly new, but the market seems to still accept it as a good product.

The “bespoke products” suppliers are more difficult to asses as any new product or component is subject to some challenges and uncertainty, the origins of which could be from the designer or the supplier. We have generally been impressed with the suppliers we have used so far but have not tested any of them with large runs of products yet. In this case, we can only hope that our limited experience with them will have been sufficient to make judgement on their consistent future capabilities. Nevertheless, should a supplier disappoint us, we do have others who we can transfer the work to.

The most important thing about all of that is that we promise to let you know if we have a problem, and we can only hope that, if we have those problems, you will try to be patient with us while we sort it out.