Indiegogo: World’s Tiniest Autonomous Dancing Dronies


“If Dronies are the first man-made creatures to flock together, aren’t you guys destined to create history?”
– Our mentor asked us a question.

      We were speechless, perhaps too humble to answer that one. Check us out, and if you see what he sees, let’s create history together

Why are we selling autonomous nano drones (although they are cute little air dancers) when our mission is humanizing civilian drones with development tools, design, and infrastructure?

Dronies are the most simplified versions of autonomous flyers that do not need external sensors, GPS or even onboard IR/RGB sensors to fly in formation with synchronized Dronies. It was originally conceived as an early proof of concept for humanizing drones, making them autonomously navigate indoor human spaces and carry payloads. We realized that Dronies had plenty of fun elements that attract, intrigue, entertain and build a community of backers, and in turn allow us to raise funds to continue the development of more resource intensive components of drone avionics.

Our Innovations & Goals

Humble Goal: Dronies Solo – World’s First #DancingDrones
Our humble goal is to get in your hands, world’s first Nano size autonomous #DancingDrones that dance to music, can be choreographed for playing and social sharing with your peers. $10,000 will help us get closer to this world-first.

Modest Goal: Dronies Duo – Synchronized Formation Flying #DancingDrones
If we reach our humble goal, our modest stretch goal at $100,000 will be to create another world first in autonomous collision-free synchronized formation flying of humanized nano drones. The Dronies will be able to entertain you with indoor air dance (airshow), in perfect sync like never before.

Ambitious Goal: Drovionics Platform – Democratization of Humanized Drones
If we reach $1 million, we get ambitious in extending to developer community, our work-in-progress on humanizing drones, thereby fast-tracking development of safe and intelligent delivery drones. Fully humanized drones can seamlessly enter and navigate through indoor human spaces, carrying payloads to be delivered at designated helipads (rather “DronePads”) within buildings as against just dropping them in backyards.

Super Ambitious Goal: #DronesForPeace Flock Together
If we exceed $2 million our stretch goal gets pretty ambitious. We design special versions of Dronies that can flock in formation of 100s/1000s to form recognizable patterns in air such as the PEACE symbol. Such event(s) will be organized indoors in popular mall(s).

Difficulties Overcome

  • Serious space and weight limitations for integration of the unprecedented features.
  • Making it small, compact, and yet introduce autonomous functionality
  • Achieving collision-free spatial synchronization without on-board IR/RGB sensors
  • Compatibility with most Android and iOS devices
  • Interference between 2.4GHz controller and WiFi.

Risks & Challenges

Manufacturing a new product is never without difficulties, particularly if a product is disruptive. The primary challenge always is compliance with the rollout date. Fortunately, the flight board, the motors and other key hardwares deployed have already gone through the robustness tests as components of other proven products on the market. The wireless network architecture is designed to shift most complex algorithms to the smartphone controller rather than implementing them on the flight board, making the manufacturing scale up faster and easier.

Our product delivery dates are based on our manufacturing partner’s timeline for the mold and the components, which gives us sufficient time to improve and test the software. Although we do not expect many design changes, but as we undergo quality control and further testing, slight changes may be justified to improve robustness, usability and esthetics.