Yonder Blue Films offers low-altitude aerial cinematography

Source: yonderbluefilms.com

Yonder Blue Films is a production company based near Atlanta, Georgia that produces content worldwide. One of our favorite services we offer is low altitude aerials with a remote controlled multirotor helicopter. This demo reel contains some highlights from past shoots. We’ve recently filmed for “Dumb and Dumber To” and a Michael Bay production (footage not shown here, both projects to be released in theaters in 2014).

We film for advertisements, TV, and feature films. If you’d like to learn more, visit our website: YonderBlueFilms.com  Or follow us here: facebook.com/YonderBlueFilms        twitter.com/YonderBlueFilms

We use the best equipment available. These scenes were filmed with Panasonic cameras mounted on either a Vulcan or Cinestar frame. Our batteries are supplied by MaxAmps (maxamps.com). The camera gimbal is made of parts from FreeFly and RC Rotors And Aerial Media. We use a Hoverfly Pro flight controller with Futaba radios.

Please note that all people featured were willing participants. Appropriate safety measures were taken. Don’t fly near people unless you have the experience to do so. Never fly over crowds. Fly safe!

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Yonder Blue Films makes impossible shots beautiful.

Yonder Blue Films uses advanced multi-rotor technology and experienced film pros to deliver a breathtaking picture you can’t get anywhere else. We fly a variety of video and still cameras on our remote control helicopter fleet. Services include aerial cinematography, aerial still photography and full-service production.  Commercials, TV shows, films…we’ve worked on them all.


Producer, Benjamin Rowland, has been in television for 15 years.

An expert editor, Ben has produced and edited national television series for a variety of networks, including NBC Sports. A winning combination no matter the altitude, Ben combines masterful storytelling with cutting-edge technology to produce eye-catching results. When not piloting and producing for Yonder Blue Films, Ben can be found hiking the trails of the Georgia mountains with his wife and daughter.  Contact: ben@yonderbluefilms.com


Will Wheeler has edited television series for five national networks.

Will’s brilliant camerawork comes from his network television experience and broad post-production background. Also a musician and engineer, Will has placed his original musical compositions on various international productions. When not operating cameras for Yonder Blue Films, Will can be found killing it on the drums. Contact: will@yonderbluefilms.com
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Yonder Blue Films