Search and Rescue Drone


Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can provide real-time visual information and data in the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane, or provide a first responder an eye in the sky to find a lost child or hiker. When a disaster or incident threatens lives and livelihoods, emergency responders require information and real-time imagery in order to make better decisions. UAS can provide situational awareness over a large area quickly, reducing the time and the number of searchers required to locate and rescue an injured or lost person, greatly reducing the cost of search and rescue missions. They can be the first eyes in the sky – immediately after an incident, letting first responders know precisely where to direct resources. The possibilities for helping ensure public safety are endless.AeroVironment’s UAS are designed to provide cost effective, real time data and imaging, day or night, in challenging conditions and without risk to personnel. Aiding in the search for missing persons is the infrared (IR) thermal imaging camera that can detect human body heat. This capability greatly increases the ability to find people or objects at night that may be hidden in brush or shadows, even during daytime operations.

AeroVironment’s UAS offer the search and rescue industry capabilities that can reduce operational cost and risk, while improving efficiency.

Applications include:

  • Search for suspects and missing persons
  • Standoff or hostage situation
  • Accident or crime scene investigation/documentation
  • Search and recovery operations
  • Disaster & emergency response