Nixie – tiny wearable drone camera on a wrist band

Nixie a tiny wearable camera on a wrist band. The wrist straps unfold to create a quadcopter that flies, takes photos or video, then comes back to you.

In boomerang mode, Nixie will go in the direction you gesture, capture you in action, and come back. In panorama mode, Nixie will circle around you. In hover mode, Nixie will stay longer in a position while you show your moves. In follow me mode, Nixie will trail behind you.

Team Nixie is developing the first wearable drone camera, which can be worn around your wrist. The team will be presenting their prototype for the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge Finale on November 3, 2014 in San Francisco. Learn more about Make It Wearable and follow the race to the finish line at
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Nixie is in development. Sign up for updates and stay tuned!