S.W.A.R.M. – Search With Aerial Rc Multi-rotor


S.W.A.R.M. (Search With Aerial Rc Multi-rotor) is a worldwide volunteer search and rescue network of over 1,100 SAR Drone Pilots dedicated to searching for missing persons. Our primary mission is to offer and provide multi-rotor (drone) and fixed wing aerial search platforms for ongoing Search and Rescue operations at no cost to the SAR organization or to the family. In addition, we want to create increased awareness about the BENEFITS of RC Drone technologies.

Aerial search for lost persons is extremely costly with traditional fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Small, highly maneuverable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV or Drone) may aid and support search efforts in many situations for a fraction of the cost in risk, and resources.

Each of our aircraft have the capability of “looking down” with high resolution video cameras to survey and search an area. Via on-board video recorder or FPV (first person view) technology, we can survey extensive terrain in real time. (Imagine flying INSIDE the cockpit). Once a subject of interest is located, the exact location can be relayed back to the ground crew. Onboard video can also be downloaded for post-flight inspection. Average flight times for these all electric drones is usually between 10-25 minutes giving the pilot enough time with several batteries to scan an area miles in diameter using a zig-zag sweep pattern or expanding spiral search pattern. One drone can search an extensive area in minutes that might take an entire group of ground personnel to cover in hours.

Besides locating victims, a multi-rotor could potentially be used to “drop in supplies” to an otherwise unreachable location. For example a drone might be utilized to lower a walkie talkie, gps locater, med supplies or water to a stranded victim before rescue crews are able to extract them.

The sheer potential for the use of drone technology far outweighs any negative stigma given to it by the general public and mass media. While we work to change this perception, we CAN make a difference, especially in the field of Search and Rescue applications.

SWARM at SARdrones.org exists ONLY to provide an online list of available SAR volunteers around the world. We are not a sanctioned organization or an official non-profit entity. While the majority of our pilots have extensive multirotor and RC experience or carry credentials in SAR application, we cannot guarantee the performance of any pilot or equipment. It is solely at the discretion of the official SAR unit to qualify any and all volunteers from this network.

Experienced Drone Pilots with FPV capability are encouraged to join our ever expanding network of worldwide volunteers.

See the SAR Drones Facebook Page for more information.

Source: sardrones.org