Demo & Panel on Drones at GeekWire Summit 2014

Chris Anderson is joined on stage by National Geographic contributor Chad Copeland, a pioneer in the use of drones for extreme photography and videography.

Chad Copeland
Chad Copeland
National Geographic contributor specializing in drone photography
Chad Copeland is an adventure and natural history photographer. A contributor to National Geographic, Men’s Journal and numerous other periodicals, he has covered stories from the air, land and underwater all over the globe. He’s been shooting for more than two decades. In 2011 Chad began developing Unmanned Aircraft Systems so that he could fly a variety of cameras into remote locations. His expertise, leadership and skills as a pilot, 10 years of military service, commercial air traffic controller and lifelong outdoor adventurer combine to provide deliverable media from air, land or sea. Chad prepares for all expeditions with rigorous Copeland Scenario Training (CST) in anticipation of all challenges. These strengths and strategies have earned him international recognition.


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