How to Balance a Propeller by Wild Pilots


Let’s talk about propeller balancing. Why? Because you don’t want Bill Cosby anywhere near your footage. …you see what I did there? It’s a Jello joke. “Jello” is what we call it when your footage goes all crazy stretchy. Rolling Shutter is the official term for it, and cameras like the GoPro or other digital cameras are riddled with it once they pick up vibrations. That leads us back to our original point. Balance those props, let us show you how.

Here is the video:

Links for stuff in this video…

Du-Bro Prop Balancer:…

MonoKote sheets:

Keep in mind, balancing props will get you on your way to jello-free footage. If you have a lot of jello, you could have bigger fish to fry. Props are the first line of defense, but you should also balance motors, and have vibration dampening for your camera as well, but that’s a video for a different day)