Kickstarter: 4 days to go for IR-LOCK infrared target tracking for Drones

Source: kickstarter

The custom-manufactured IR-LOCK filter enables simple and accurate target tracking for Drones and other DIY robotics projects. Positions of IR LEDs are accurately reported at 50Hz, with a detection range of over 50 ft when using high-power LEDs. The product platform is based on the user-friendly Pixy vision sensor (link), running IR-LOCK’s specialized firmware.

IR-LOCK & Your Project

The Pixy vision sensor is Arduino-compatible for your complex target-tracking projects. If you want to keep things simple, you can control pan/tilt setups by directly connecting to two servos. The developed IR-LOCK firmware reports the location of all IR targets (for microcontroller setups), or tracks the largest IR target (for pan/tilt setups).

Great interview of IR-Lock by TechWallah: