Latest developments on HEXO+


Hey everyone, guess what, we’ve been busy! And we wanted to let you know how things have been going lately, especially on the product development side of things.

Early september has been extremely exciting as we put a lot of efforts on staffing up to accelerate the development of Hexo+. We have been meeting lots of people in a variety of fields (UX, Electronics, Product Design, Batteries, Industrialization…), interviews over 25 candidates for in-house positions and we’re close to having the team we’ve been dreaming of for a while. More on this soon.

To make sure we leverage this talent well, we designed a very fast design iteration process where we prototype and test a several versions of Hexo+ every third week. This will allow us to improve the product at a very fast rate based on tangible experience: Plan, Do, Check, Act, but very quick 🙂

We kicked off the first iteration cycle together with the whole hardware team and with the goal to precisely map the usage, identify pain points and work on solving them. Based on backers’ feedback during the campaign, we discussed how to better carry your Hexo+, changing batteries in under 3 seconds, how to improve the electronics behavior based on their position, how to optimize flight time and much more but the proposition we all wanted to test is how small can we make the platform, because size will matter a lot in practicality. A smaller, leaner package is definitely more usable, so we developed a couple of prototype with different combinations of size, power, and propellers, Testing going on right now, next workshop before the end of the month.

Storming our brains in search of perfection.
Storming our brains in search of perfection.

We also decided to give ourselves a guideline in terms of how much you need to fiddle with Hexo+: the No Tools Policy. You can probably figure what that means, but simply put we want you to spend more time filming and less time fixing.

The good people at Think Think, our industrial design partners were onboard all along and are making sure every aspect of the user and prototype testing feedback is taken into account and will make sure all requested features fit in a slick, easy-to-use package.

Next up, Antoine, Sylvain and Christophe (embedded software) are currently in the Palo Alto office after an NYC visit, spending some more time with technological partners, VCs and BAs in the US, stay tuned!

All over the Apple Store in NYC
All over the Apple Store in NYC

Speak soon, your Hexo+ Team