The Pocket Drone Anura is coming to Kickstarter on October 15th


For the first time a pocket-sized drone designed for consumers and able to travel with the user whenever, wherever, 24/7.  It will be available for pre-order through KickStarter Mid October of 2014. Aim to be under $200.  For updated info, please visit

Aericam, Inc., began four years ago when successful commercial photographer and remote-control aerial hobbyist Jason Lam began combining his two passions, photography and mini-helicopters—with the idea of developing the perfect remote-controlled aerial photography vehicle.

His vision was to combine steady, powerful flying machines capable of carrying state-of-the-art camera equipment with multi-functioning camera mounts able to pan, tilt and roll 360 degrees, creating the ultimate machine to capture the soaring aesthetics of aerial photography.

Aericam debuted its first product, the SkyShutter Aericam at the 2009 PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York City, NY. The SkyShutter was an instant hit and was written up in the PDN Gear Guide in December 2009. Skyshutter AeriCam touted the vehicle’s 7-pound payload, lightweight design, and highly functional camera mount.

In April, 2010, the Aericam VPX (Video Pro Extreme) was used for a commercial video shoot inside Yankee Stadium carrying an 8.5 lb. SI-2k Mini Camera.

On July 19, 2012, aerial footage shot with the Aericam X6 was featured in the phenomenal video hit “DC Shoes: Ken Block Presents Gymkhana 5, Ultimate Urban Playground.” over four days San Francisco using Aericam’s precision, high-quality instrumentation, the video of the Gym 5 careening madly through the city streets quickly went viral, and currently has over 33 million hits and counting on YouTube.

Aericam products are the solutions of choice for aerial photographers who want high-impact images. Combining stellar functionality with low cost, they are the most effective way to capture short-range, low-altitude aerial photography and video. They require only a pilot and camera operator (in some cases, only a pilot is needed). Flying weight is 20-25 lbs, offering exponential savings on shooting crews, fuel, and maintenance costs.