American Farmers to FAA: Hey, We Want Drones!

Source: nbcnews

There are two main issues confronting the FAA on commercial drone use: safety and privacy issues.  There’s concern drones could harm people on the ground while people’s privacy from drones raises civil liberty issues.

In January, FAA Administrator Michel Huerta told a Senate panel looking into drone rules and regulations that, “Even today, we don’t have a full and complete understanding of where this is going in the future, and that’s one of the things that creates the greatest opportunity and the greatest challenges.”

Neah Power Systems’ D’Couto said a good place to start would be with farmers.  “It’s important to work out privacy and safety concerns but with farmland you have a lot of open space,” he argued. “I don’t think they pose much of a safety risk.”


Peter Schmitz, CEO of Aon Risk Solutions’ aviation practice, said his firm provides insurance for unmanned vehicles and that the dangers posed by drones can’t be ignored.  “They can always get in the hands of the wrong people, like laser pointers have become at times,” he said. “That’s why the government is being so careful.”  Schmitz suggested that as long as the FAA had tough regulations regarding drones, such as altitude restrictions, the problems could be worked out.


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