The Guardian feature QuestUAV in “The Rise of the Drones”

Source: questuav

QuestUAV Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of small, fixed wing unmanned aircraft ( sUAV ) that are designed to carry sensors such as high resolution cameras, infra red cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras and video surveillance cameras.

Our drones / aircraft / UAV are also referred to as RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) in Europe.

The aircraft are operated autonomously in that the route is planned before flight and then following launch the aircraft will automatically fly the route, operating the cameras automatically and then come back to an automatic landing or parachute landing. Crew on the ground have control over the aircraft at all times and can intervene if required. The aircraft has inbuilt safety systems and failsafes to cope with emergencies.

We sell our products and services around the world and in all climates from desert and tropical to glacial and Arctic/Antarctic. The only limitation is where countries are banned through UK Export Control from receiving Dual Use goods. Currently we have sold to or operated in 21 countries around the globe.

Designed to operate in the sub 7Kg category, the drones also benefit from a hand launch system that will allow them to be operated in a large range of territories and climates.



Drone Manufacture

QuestUAV has the knowledge, IP and equipment to design, manufacture and redesign fixed wing drones from raw materials right through to the finished article. This provides a rapid design cycle, with an ability to customize to client specification.

Our primary autopilot is UK manufactured, making export control a simple task to all of the European Union and other partner countries.


All departments of the business operate from the QuestUAV headquarters in Northumberland UK.

The business conducts its flying training and research operations on 400ha mixed crop precision farm.

The company has twelve key personnel who manage all the manufacturing, training, research and administrative departments.

Other Services

QuestUAV not only manufactures the winged drones but also provides product training, flying training and data analysis support (post processing). This post-flight survey service allows customers to get closer to the whole purpose of UAV flight: data analysis from aerial imagery that allows high quality orthogrammetry and photogrammetry to provide consistent and reliable scientific or survey mapping.