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The Federal Aviation Administration recently approved six companies to use drones as a way to legalize the shift in the entertainment industry from using helicopters to shoot those iconic aerial shots.

Helicopter crashes are responsible for more film set fatalities than any other type of accident. Drones are seen as a safer and cheaper alternative according to Neil Fried, senior vice president for the Motion Picture Association of America.

Ziv Marom, the Creative Director of ZM Interactive, does not see drones replacing helicopters but “adding another tool in the tool box.” Marom’s company, which specializes in aerial photography using drones, recently used the pilotless aircraft on the set of “The Expendables 3.” 

Marom talked with The Frame about what drones are capable of and how the FAA ruling will change the filmmaking industry.  The FAA plans to approve more production companies to use pilotless aircrafts in the future. Ziv Marom is currently in the process of reviewing the application to use drones legally.

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About ZM Interactive

ZM Interactive (ZMI) is an interactive media company with over 15 years experience and thousands of projects and clients around the world in different markets such as entertainment, pharmaceutical and health, gaming, sports, government and security and other technology projects for clients such as Nike, Adidas, Visa, Microsoft, xBox 360, eBay, Paypal, Pink Floyd, Symantec, YouTube, and many more..

Ziv has been involved with robotic technology at an early age, working with unmanned robotic systems in the military for surveillance, security and rescue missions. Now using this knowledge in more creative endeavors, pushing the limits of power and lift to carry large payloads for different applications.

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ZM Interactive Cinema focuses on Aerial Cinematography and photography, from low to high altitude, using manned helicopters with Cineflex or ‘open door’ hand held 3 axis gimbal as well as innovation high-end technology, remote control helicopters and multi-rotors platforms.

Cameras we can fly on both platforms include from DSLR HD cameras to 4 and 5k cinema cameras such as Red Epic, Sony FS700, BlackMagic and in some cases, Alexa.

ZM Interactive Cinema work includes feature films, TV shows, action sports, commercial campaigns and events.

Our RC Aerial platforms built for 1, 2 or 3 operators, pilot and camera man, to fly professional cinema cameras using 3 axis gyros for perfect stability and control of the camera, including live view HD downlink and full control of the camera and gimbal with a second radio.


Twitter: @ZivMarom