Chilean drone journalism

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On Tuesday, September 2 “El Libero” began publishing it’s journalistic content. Although the website is still under development and several sections have not yet been built, they decided to open to the public a beta version in an attempt to let the audience have an input into the direction of where the site needs to go.

One of the tools used in the El Libero’s reporting is a drone named the LiberoCam.  In the video above the LiberoCam drone shows about 100 km long of the Mapocho river in just 4 minutes.  The Mapocho River (Spanish: Río Mapocho) (Mapudungun: Mapu chuco, “water that penetrates the land”) flows from the Andes mountains onto the west and divides Chile‘s capital Santiago in two.  (Source: wikipedia).


Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 12.06.03 AM


In the following video the publication explores the use of the drone in local traffic reporting at rush hour.


These are few examples on how the journalists in other countries use the drone as another tool in bringing relevant, up to date information to their audiences.



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