Skyvantage: licensed, aerial filming & photography specialists

Established in 2012 and based in Reigate, Surrey, Skyvantage is a licensed supplier of aerial filming and photographic services with “Permission for aerial work” granted from the C.A.A. Specialists in aerial media production, Skyvantage’s pilots are BNUC-S qualified and fully insured with public liability and adhere strictly to guidelines and safety procedures necessary to ensure the safety of crew, public and buildings.

BNUCs qualification attained from The European Unmanned Systems Centre (EuroUSC™) Europe’s leading independent Light UAS Accreditation Specialist for assessing ‘Airworthiness & Pilot Qualifications’


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Toby Pocock (UAV Pilot, Managing Director) has over 20 years commercial experiences in Marketing, Design, Social/Digital Media, Photography & Film. He is a qualified BNUC-S, UAV Pilot and set up Skyvantage in 2012.

“I was drawn to close range aerial filming when I first saw the possibilities of filming using remote controlled camera platforms. The results go well beyond those previously offered with Helicopters and Dolly rails and creatively it opens up many more options and gives the viewer a very different experience to static cameras filming at ground level”.


Will Bolding (Camera Operator, UAV Pilot) has a degree in Film & TV Production. He is an aerial cameraman and is about to sit his BNUC exams to become a licensed UAV Operator.

Liam Joyce (Camera Operator, UAV Pilot) has been making and producing films for 5 years and is also currently finishing a Degree in Film & Media at London University.“Flying drones is a unique and intimate way to shoot sports. We can get smooth tracking shots over terrain where tracking rails simply can’t be laid”.


Paul Kent (Skyvantage Australia) has 20 years experience in Media, having worked for large agencies in London & Sydney. Now based in Sydney, Paul is a qualified UAV Pilot and handles International Clients for Skyvantage filming in Australia & Asia. “The possibilities for aerial filming for the travel sector are huge. And it is extremely nice to be able to mix business with lifestyle”.

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