Ireland’s first drone Conference featuring Skycatch and many more

Data and Drone Conference
November 7 – 9 2014

The conference was created for startups and founders from technology companies from around the world.  It was designed to encourage real interactions and develop new relationships. This is a conference with a difference, with a big focus on extreme sports like kitesurfing and biking, because of the correlation between risk taking and starting a business.  This is a place where founders of tech startups and invited guests come to have fun, experience the best of Irish culture and also learn about some of the biggest changes in technology that are happening today.  Here are three guest that will speak:

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD
Kenny led Fine Gael in the 2011 general election. He subsequently brokered an agreement with the Labour Party and formed a coalition government on 9 March 2011. He is Fine Gael’s first Taoiseach since John Bruton from 1994 to 1997, and the first Fine Gael leader to win government in an election since Garret FitzGerald in 1982.



Christian Sanz, Skycatch CEO
Skycatch allows you to deploy flying autonomous drones with real-time HD imagery and video from the sky.
The drones are highly durable, waterproof, and rigorously tested. You can easily manage your drone with Skycatch’s website and apps and build custom drone apps using the Skycatch Drone API.
The drones are built with robust telemetry components and sensors, automatic takeoff, landing, missions, and charging with the Skycatch Ground Station that complies with all flight regulations and FAA protocols.



JoeBen Bevrit, CEO of Joby Aviation
A team of engineers who specialise in the design of wind-energy turbines have designed a small electric aeroplane that can take off vertically. Its lift off would be similar to a helicopter’s, but once airborne, the S2 aircraft’s 12 rotor blade motors fold up so it can glide along like a conventional plane.