The Stanford UAV Club (SUAVE)


The Stanford UAV Club (SUAVE) is dedicated to promoting and aiding students at Stanford to develop self motivated projects. We provide the forum for students to come together, find and work on projects which align with their interests. We are able to provide some material resources to aid with development, construction and flight of UAVs. Additionally, we look to expand students knowledge of UAVs and are focused on informing students about some of the interesting applications of UAV’s from online resources and distinguished guests.

Founder – Robbie Bunge is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Aircraft Aerodynamics & Design Group and the Founder of the Stanford Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enthusiasts Engineers and Entrepreneurs (SUAVE). Founded in Winter 2013, the purpose was to create a strong and vibrant community of UAVers from across Stanford campus, that fosters and enables students to pursue their own hands-on UAV projects.




His interests span the entire spectrum of UAV Systems, from applied flight dynamics and aircraft design, control systems and machine learning, to autopilot software-hardware development and experimental flight testing. He has designed and integrated several custom built fixed-wing and quadrotor UAVs. Robbie has also developed, together with Andrew Smith (Aero/Astro Ph.D.) and Gumstix Inc., the AeroCore, an autopilot board with a powerful dual core 1GHz computer allowing advanced estimation, control and image processing algorithms to run in real-time. Robbie is also Co-Instructor of AA241X, Stanford’s UAV design course, for which he created StarduPlane, a modified version of ArduPlane, to allow students to easily design and flight test their own UAV from scratch in just 10 weeks.

In his free time Robbie enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and always looks forward to some awesome RC ridge soaring somewhere in the California Coastal Mountains.

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Faculty Advisor – Juan J. Alonso is an Associate Professor in Stanford’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the director of the Aerospace Design Laboratory (ADL), and the faculty advisor of the Stanford Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Enthusiasts Engineers and Entrepreneurs (SUAVE).

You can find a full list of the leadership team on

SUAVE member Niels Joubert recently took his personal DJI Phantom Vision+ to Burning Man, where he spent several days flying in the desert.


As part of his time there, he assisted in the very first UAV-based video stream from a multirotor to the official Burning Man ustream channel! This was the first year where Burning Man had a drone registration policy and attempted to regulate RC usage at the event. He talks about his experience flying multirotors at the event in a Cameralends interview, read more here.

His videos were subsequently featured on as an example of good conduct for RC pilots at large events.

SUAVE is teaming up with to introduce UAVs as photography platforms in the upcoming Dronie Day.