What is Hovership?

Source: Hovership

Hovership started out as a blog to share multicopter builds and flight videos. We now design, manufacture and sell parts and accessories for building radio controlled aircraft. In addition to our product offerings we provide services for capturing aerial photos and videos.

If you want to take the route of low-cost and DIY, you generally need to have some basic understanding of electronics and know how to solder. We will offer guides that can walk you through the process of building our products and selecting the components needed for the build.




If you go the route of purchasing something ready to fly (RTF) you can literally be flying as soon as you take it out of the box. However, if something breaks, you won’t know how to fix it yourself without doing some research.



If you have no experience flying any RC aircraft, it is best to start small. There are lots of low cost nano quadcopters that will give you some experience using a radio controller to maneuver the aircraft. Also, these tiny copters are usually a blast to fly!

A few recommended RTF nano quads:

  • Hubsan X4
  • Estes Proto X
  • Walkera QR Ladybird