Upper Cut Productions Helicam – aerial filming and photography

Source: uppercutproductions.co.uk

With 10 years of commercial experience flying UAV HeliCam drones, you can be confident that we have the skills and equipment to get the shots you need. We re-invest heavily in the latest technology and strive to provide the very best remote aerial filming service for our clients. 

New Heavy lift Octocopter drone flying the RED Epic

The Helicam is an unusual looking but incredibly stable platform which can lift a variety of camera payloads up to 400ft in altitude. Unprecedented stability comes from the eight rotor design, sohphisticated flight control systems and the amazing MoVI M10 camera mount. Using GPS guidance and the latest sensor technology, our HeliCam’s are configured for unbeatably smooth, safe and reliable flight.


We operate 4 Octocopter drones which are set up for different flight performances and we usually bring at least 2 HeliCams to every shoot as backup. The control stations have been exclusively assembled for Upper Cut Productions and they offer the following features to assist flight operations…

– Stable downlink signal to two 7 inch monitors.

Dual AV output enabling connection to additional monitors.

– Live telemetry of the HeliCam’s status – (satellite reception, battery voltage,

  flight time, height (m),heading and distance from launch).

– Independent controller for manual pan, tilt and roll operation.

Helecam Burley

The drones have custom-made flight cases for international work.


Other useful facts about our Octocopter drones…

– Up to 6kg payload for cameras such as:

    > Red Epic 

    > Sony FS700 (1080p @ 200fps)

    > Panasonic GH4 (4K Ultra HD resolution, 200 Mbps bit rate)

    > Panasonic GH3 (1080p @ 50fps)

    > Canon 5D mkiii


– 3 axis gyro-stabilised camera mount with inbuilt anti-vibration.

– GPS position hold, altitude hold (m) and auto return-to-home functions.

– Electric powered for safe and relatively quiet operation (indoor and outdoor).

– 10-20 min flight times per launch. Approx. 5 mins changeover.

  Rechargable on site.

– CAA licensed to operate throughout the UK (BNUC-S), can travel abroad.