Life Saving Drones in the Making!

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Imagination TV, Inc. (OTC Pink: IMTV), announced today it has partnered with “Drones to the Rescue” to help them gain awareness and assist in the launch of the new company starting with their Indiegogo project.

The new project named “Drones to the Rescue” is launching Monday November 24th 2014 at “Drones to the Rescue” will change the way we handle emergency situations. Drones have a unique ability to locate, assist and save victims, faster with more efficiency than any other option. The campaign mission is to provide its first product line of Search and Rescue (SAR) Drones.


Image Credit: Drones to the Rescue
Image Credit: Drones to the Rescue


Imagination TV will begin launching an awareness campaign at and on its 24/7 TV Network at Imagination TV will use all its available resources to help create awareness of “Drones to the Rescue” and its mission.

With the technology “Drones to the Rescue” is combining, they have drones that can reach people in small spaces and supply food, water and medicine to trapped victims. The team has created drones that have state-of-the-art cameras, GPS and a payloader device that isn’t yet on the market. The prototype water-resistant GPS tracker is a small, lightweight, self-powered, stand-alone device that attaches to the drone and delivers real time flight data information to user’s laptop, computer, or smartphone. The GPS Tracker is a reliable solution to give you exact GPS coordinates of the device every minute, along with movement speed and direction. The device has its own SIM card and phone number. GPS tracking is also shown on Google maps map overlay. These GPS functions, paired with the camera and payloader, will create an unstoppable SAR machine.


News Source: WSJ