The drone guy with Not A Drone


Aerial videography is a very useful and powerful tool with great promise and applications in many industries. Allow me to help you enhance your digital presence in a very impactful way, gain new customers, audiences, or simply make your job easier. I offer professional, no-hassle approach, and work with every client until we find the right solution for their specific project. My specialty are turn-key solutions custom-tailored to client’s needs, from filming, through video editing, hosting, to custom aircraft building and operator training. I build, maintain, and service my own equipment and work with multiple units for great redundancy. Please, visit my Videos section to see my portfolio.



My local hobby store (I’m lucky to have a good one nearby), and the Internet. Basic small machines can be bought and flown out of the box, hobby and professional grade machines are usually kits from different components put together by their owner or a builder. Building one is a big part of learning, as it is important to understand all the components to keep it safe. Check out the Resources section for a few good places I buy from.



How much do you want to spend? The machines range from low hundreds to tens of thousands of  dollars. It is a good idea to start smaller and build up as you go. The first machine is the most expensive one, because it usually also means a purchase of accessories and tools. Check theMy Fleet section for details.


Aerial Reel: New England Aerial Video Journey, DJI F550 Hexacopter, GoPro Hero3 from NotAdrone on Vimeo.



Fair warning first: multi rotors are highly addictive! If you’ve never flown an RC before, a good start is a nano-sized quadcopter (nice example:Blade Nano QX RTF). It is important to learn the basics of multi-rotor controls, and it’s cheaper to get your crashes over with on something that is inexpensive and hard to break. Practice flying in different orientations (away from you, towards you, sideways), banked turns, flying around obstacles. Now, for help with the addiction,  you can join other multi-rotor addicts on Facebook in Multi-Rotor Anonymous Group…