What happens when kids design drones

via knuffeldrones

“Cuddly Drones” is an educational project that challenged children (7-10) to design actually flying drones that they thought would be useful to society.

From serious to delightful and arty, everything was there: disco drones (for use in clubs, a big discoball attached below), window cleaning drones (so architecture could take stranger shapes and still be cleaned properly), karaoke drones, farming-smoothymaking drones, candy dispensing drones, mind-reading drones, trash pickup drones (just throw it in the air). The list is long and wonderful.

The project is part of a year-long exploration of emerging surveillance culture, exploring the democratization of surveillance tools. How do teach children to critically explore this drone-filled future?



In collaboration with
– Ruben Pater (designer of the Drone Survival Guide)
– Jasper van Loenen (of “Drone It Yourself kit” fame)