Build A Drone Workshop

drone workshop


Innovative projects are embracing drones as companions.  At Kashmir-Robotics, they are key to solving local and global catastrophes.  We are engaging the world through theWildlife Conservation UAV Challenge. The mission is to develop drones optimized for protecting rhinos and other endangered species from poachers.  Students, hobbyist, makers and others have found drones to be great learning opportunities. They combine aeronautical engineering with advanced materials science and robotics.  With a little artistic talent, drones can be created to mimic birds, bees, bats, butterflies and more in flight.

Build a Drone – 2015
Four Day Workshop 

January 18, 25
February 1 & 8

Kashmir-Robotics’ DaVinci Challenge: Build a Drone Workshop will provide a complete learning experience in designing, fabricating, and operating a drone.  Participants will build a Quad-Copter or Hex-o-copter from advanced carbon fiber components, add rotors, motors, and other propulsion components, and then complete the build with sensors and autopilot.

Each aircraft will be customized with parts created in CAD and 3D printed. Plenty of time will be available to learn the basics of drone design and fabrication; robotics systems integration, and flying techniques.  Participants will have fun, learn all about drones, receive a Drone Operators Certificate and take home their fully operational quad-copter. Enjoy filming your next BBQ party from your quad-copter.

The Da Vinci Challenge is a workshop where students learn to build their own drones, as well as understand the fundamental components and electronics of remotely operated aerial vehicles.