Drones at the LeWeb Conference

leweb drone

Commercial drones (AKA UAV’s) are being used for everything from filming movies to watching farmland. We get a look at the latest companies and products. Parrot, SkyCatch, DJI, and others are expected. What are the commercial opportunities here? Who will win? Where will they be banned or regulated and how will that affect the business opportunities for companies making drones.

Founded in 2004 by French entrepreneurs Loïc and Geraldine Le Meur, LeWeb is an internationally-renowned conference for digital innovation where visionaries, startups, tech companies, brands and leading media converge to explore today’s hottest trends and define the future of internet-driven business.



Guests :
Eric Cheng, DJI
Christian Sanz, Skycatch
Henri Seydoux, Parrot
Edwin Van Ruymbeke, XTIM sarl

via leweb.co


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