The launch of a professional drone marketplace – Airstoc



This autumn, Airstoc has launched as the first marketplace dedicated solely to the professional drone industry.

Airstoc has been created to serve as a central hub of the drone industry, for both operators and producers; to educate the world about the benefits of drone technology, and help drive the ongoing success of the industry.

Airstoc works with over 500 professional operators from across the world, currently based in 62 countries, to fulfill the aerial requirements of a wide range of customers.

Since launch earlier this year, the team has invested huge amounts of time sourcing and vetting operators, building up a diverse network, in both geographical and experiential terms. Working with so many professionals from such a variety of destinations allows the company to meet the demands of any production company.

Airstoc showcases and sells aerial stock footage

Through one arm of the business, Airstoc showcases and sells aerial stock footage, offering a completely unique perspective from stock video shots currently available on the market.

Drone technology is changing and developing so rapidly, allowing operators to capture incredible shots in HD and Ultra HD for the first time and these clips are filling the void between ground cameras and traditional aerials methods, which has been a missing link for years.

Airstoc’s second arm is a bespoke referral service for companies looking to source and book drone operators for specific jobs. All operators which the company works with are available to view on the site, allowing customers to research an array of options for their project, request and confirm the job, all through one easy to use site. 

This is a brand new marketplace, developing day by day. In the general media industry, marketplaces like this have been very successful, and it will be an interesting to see how this marketplace develops alongside the advancements in the technology. 



Proactively going after new markets with this technology and promoting the operators it works with, has led Airstoc to be involved in advanced discussions with several large multinational companies to become the exclusive partner for all their bespoke work. New industries are adopting UAV technology every week, and each time it does, the target customer base grows, providing a new opportunity for operators.

Created by three young professionals from Sheffield – one, a professional drone operator – at a Start-Up Weekend event in 2013, the company has come a long way since conception. The first few months were spent validating the idea with operators and customers alike and, a year on, Airstoc is a fully functional website with customers using both services.

Over this past year, and more recently, past few months, the founders have been working on several major projects with multinational and independent companies from all over the world and are currently in talks with a number of film makers to use footage in the upcoming film festivals.

Airstoc … referral service for companies looking to source and book drone operators for specific jobs

Most recently, the Sheffield trio has been working with a global production company to produce episodes dedicated to aerials, raising awareness of the potential of this ever increasing industry.

In order to meet the demand for imagery captured by drones, and based on customer feedback, the site will soon be introducing stock photography captured by professional drone operators. What’s more, it will proactively targeting new industries as they adopt this technology to help build the success of the operators Airstoc work with. 

In the short term, the focus will continue to be the acquisition of more professional operators, with a view to Airstoc becoming the number one site for the most respected operators in the industry.

Like any new industry, it always takes time to develop, but with what we have built to date, the operators who we have onboard, and our vision for Airstoc, we are very excited about 2015 and beyond and all the possibilities that await us.

If you are an operators, customers or just interested in Airstoc and what we are providing, please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you.



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