DJI is launching New Pilot Training program in 2015



Want to learn how to fly a Phantom? Join the DJI New Pilot Training program.

This program will cover 5 cities in US and 1 in Canada in 2015. These free events are designed for first-time pilots and those who want to learnbasic flight techniques while developing safety awareness.

In addition to a 1-hour flight classroom session, participants get hands-on experience flying the Phantom outdoors with an experienced instructor. Following each event, all participants will get a chance to win a coupon for 50% off a new Phantom 2 Vision+ of their own.

After learning how to fly, share your work with the growing aerial photography community over at SkyPixel, and see if you can create a “GabeSelect” work of art. Or if you have anything to share with us, start posting on the DJI Forum.

Join and become a DJI pilot!



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