Chevrolet Getting in on the Buzz – Hires DetroitDrone to Shoot a Promo Video

Chevrolet and Detroit Drone


Recently Chevrolet announced they were putting the “show” back in Autoshow  with an all-new display featuring six 20 ft.-tall, transparent screens with coordinated lighting and music that will tell stories about the brand’s cars, trucks and crossovers. The stories will be broken into nine chapters including highlights of Chevrolet’s dependability, performance, belief in the power of play, available in-vehicle Wi-Fi technology through OnStar 4G LTE and others.

To bring the story to life, and share our new Chevrolet display with our online fans, we commissioned the use of flying drones inside the show to capture the essence of the live experience we created. The 90 second video is highly engaging and encapsulates the spirit of the Chevrolet brand.

Working with a local drone based event streaming company, Detroit Drone, we captured the Chevrolet display as it was intended to be seen in a unique way that brings our 9 chapters to life.