Early Stages of Drone Journalism

drone journalism


The footage was posted on YouTube by a group called Army SOS, a fundraising initiative for the Ukrainian Army,according to Vice News. So, they obviously have their own agenda (like, is that music fromTitanic II or something?). But imagine seeing these visuals in your average coverage from CNN, AP, or even The New York Times. And not just for battle zones, but also natural disasters and riots without the need of hulking helicopters putting even more people at risk.

Several media companies, starting with CNN, announced just this week their plans to partner up with the FAA and certain U.S. universities to find ways to safely integrate drones into the newsroom. When I reported on CNN’s announcement on Monday, I joked that we need to brace ourselves for the onslaught of Wolf Blitzer segments. But if it looks anything like this, drone journalism has a place in the newsroom.

I just wish it could get here sooner.



Via gizmodo