Paralinx Triton at the Drone Rodeo

daniel kanes

Dan Unveils the new Paralinx Triton at CES 2015.

christian luciani

“Great range” What? Just wondering, why would anybody want something like this when 5.8ghz exists?

Hi Christian, I know 450 feet does not seem like much when compared to an Analog Standard Definition video transmitter. This is actually capable of much more than 450′ range, however we feel confident in saying you will  have an extremely strong signal with no degradation within 450′. Please keep in mind this is a FULL HD FPV transmitter. No one is really in this market with a Full HD FPV video transmitter besides us right now. Lightbridge is a very cool and interesting piece of equipment and WILL give you more range, however there is delay, and other consequences including a compressed and somewhat degraded image at around 6mbps (compared to ~400mbps-1.5gbps of an uncompressed FULL HD zero delay signal here).
Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube
Considering that in the USA, unmanned systems on a hobby level are not supposed to flown BVR (beyond visual range) at this time, 450’+ with full HD is a very useful, useable HD fpv system for making low altitude Aerial Films, and facilitating other exploration, as well as enhancing Situational Awareness for FPV training as FAA regulations become more settled. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area and would like a personal Hands on Demonstration I would be happy to facilitate one for you.


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