How Flyability Won the $1 Million Prize – with Patrick Thevoz



Elizabeth with Droneblog talks with Patrick Thevoz at Flyability, who recently won the UAE Drones for Good Award. Their project, a drone that can bump into objects without crashing, won the 1 million dollar award to help fund their further development.

Flyability team lead Patrick Thevoz said, “We struggled to find funding to develop our search and rescue drone but this UAE Government Summit initiative, Drones for Good, means we can commercially develop our project within a year, and with Flyability able to go where it is dangerous for rescuers, help save lives.


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Patrick Thevoz, Flyability


Patrick Thévoz

After focusing on the development of microsystems for applications in the biotechnology and space industries during his MSc at the EPFL and the University of California in Santa Barbara, Patrick started his career as a strategy consultant for the life sciences industry. In his 4-year career in consulting, Patrick assisted customers ranging from blue-chip companies to young startups in launching new products, entering new markets and achieving a sustainable growth.


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