How Can DJI Inspire 1 Be Used by Filmmakers To Tell a Story

Gary Yost


The synergy of creative collaboration can result in magic beyond our imagining.  Witnessing Genna Panzarella paint this 8×10′ mural of Mt. Tamalpais as it was when it was whole, literally inside of what used to be the mountaintop, is akin to stealing a peek through the kimono of mystery… the misty mystery of impermanence.

Genna Panzarella
Genna Panzarella


The project bears a great resemblance to the process of making a Tibetan Buddhist sand painting (and then blowing it away).

The film also features the use of Davinci Resolve to grade the Inspire 1 footage along with footage taken by a Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4, Nikon D800 and Nikon D4 (the Nikons were used for the time-lapse sequences). It may be the first use of the Inspire 1 matched with these different cameras. If you’d like to see a short tutorial I made about using Resolve to color correct the Inspire footage, that’s here:

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