A Quick Chat with Martin Schumacher at Air-View, Switzerland


Tell us about yourself and your background.

I’m 31, married and I have a few drones. Professionally I’m a precision engineer – this is why I have an affinity for this technology, and photography has been a big hobby for years.


How did you get started in the drone industry?

In 2013 I bought my first drone (flamewheel f550 DJI). Two months later air-view® was founded and we ordered our first hexacopter (S800).


Tell us about your company, what it is, and your role there.

I’m the owner of air-view® and we have six 6 freelancers (3 pilots, 3 operators) working for us. For my wedding we had some aerial filming and this was so fascinating to me that I ordered my own first drone immediately.


Tell us about your team and why they’re great.

I have the best team I can imagine. There is nothing more important than a perfect workflow between the pilot and the operator. Lately dynamic camera work has become our trademark.


What type of drones and gear are you flying? Are your drones out of the box or custom made?

S800, S900, S1000, Inspire. A heavy lift drone is coming soon (flying with ronin and RED)


What is your favorite drone to fly and why?

Inspire 1, because of its portability and the favorable relation between price and features.


What applications are you using the drones for?

Commercially, taking photos and videos, and to earn money.


What advice would you give to others who want to get started flying drones?

You should begin with a Phantom. Get in touch with the technique and know the difference between gps/atti/manual. Once you get used to it, think further.


Where do you see drones and drone technology in the future? Give an example of a real-world application of drone technology that you envision.

In the future drones will replace aerial filming with helicopters. The infrared technology will be a part of firefighting, solar panel inspection, nature preservation, security, etc.


What problem do you see in the drone industry that needs to be addressed?

Underestimation of flying with drones, because drones have lots of stabilizations. Everybody can play with a drone. And people are unaware of the potential risks and danger.


What do you think about drones and privacy?

This problem will increase and the legal environment will expand [to deal with it].


How can we change the public’s perception of drones?

Require preventive measures of the pilots. They need to educate people and should be good role models. Also, offering compulsory courses.


What’s the best way to educate myself about drones?

Because there are no courses, you need to learn by doing. Adjust the parameters and try to optimize regularly.


Thank you so much for your insights. Is there anything else that we haven’t touched on that you would like to share?

Our Motto: The surfer is looking for de perfect wave, the drone pilot is looking for de perfect footage 😉


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