Eichenberg Films Takes to the Skies – With Oliver Eichenberg

What happens when a film makers sees some aerial videos? He buys himself a drone of course! Droneblog talks with Oliver Eichenberg, the face and genius behind Eichenberg Films in Germany. His use of drones and aerial photography and cinematography in his business is top-notch, producing stunning footage for his clients.


Tell us about yourself and your background as a filmmaker.

My Name is Oliver Eichenberg. I’m from Wuppertal, Germany. After my time at Art School I started my own Business as a Graphic Designer / Art Director. But making Films had always been my secret obsession and as the DSLR Revolution started I thought the time was right to start my own Film Production Studio called Eichenberg Films.


How did you get started in the drone industry?

I love smooth camera moves so I have tons of filmmaking tools in use like a slider, my steadycam, a camera crane and all that stuff that helps me to get beautiful smooth shots. One day I saw some amazing aerial videos on YouTube and thought: wow this is it! Now I can take shots I’ve never even dreamed of before, like huge establishing shots or long dolly shots.


red bus


What type of projects do you shoot? Do you have a project that you’re most proud of? Tell us about it.

Most of my paid jobs are Business Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Weddings and stuff like that. And of course lots of Aerial Shots. Well, the project I am most proud of will always be the next project to come. I always try to improve my skills and push my limits.


What type of drones and gear are you flying? Are you planning to upgrade anytime soon?

The DJI Phantom 2 with Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal and the GoPro Hero 4 Black are my weapons of choice. Soon I will upgrade to the DJI Inspire1.




What is your favorite drone to fly and why?

Right now it’s my Phantom 2 because I have spent so many hours flying this device. I exactly know how it behaves in certain situations and with the right settings it’s an awesome tool. I’m super excited about the Inspire 1. The Footage and usability of that Drone are just amazing.


Do your clients ask more often for aerial photography or videography than for traditional shots?

Yes they do. My clients are very much into Aerial Footage. They love to add some cool aerial shots to their business films, show their facilities or visualize their production procedure.


Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.09.28 PM


What advice would you give to others who want to get started flying drones?

Get as much information as possible about flying drones before your first take off. Watch tutorials online. Get yourself a flight simulator or maybe buy a cheap microdrone. Maybe there is a flight instructor or a flight school in your area.


Where do you see drones and drone technology in the future? Give an example of a real-world application of drone technology that you envision.

I don’t think Amazon will deliver my orders to my home in the near future. But I think the most important usage of drone technology will be saving lives. Drones will help police, fire departments or emergency services to do their job. And other than that people love to see the beauty of our world from a different perspective.




What are some myths perpetuated by the media/people about drones?

Here in Germany some people think a Drone is something that has to do with military or secret service stuff. That’s why I prefer calling it Quadcopter.


How can we change the public’s perception on drones?

We need better-educated pilots to prevent avoidable accidents. Some crazy drone pilots should stop doing risky or dangerous stuff with their birds just to get some clicks on YouTube. Showing the public all that breathtaking footage of mother earth will help a lot.


What’s the best way to educate myself about drones?

There are several YouTube channels that give you step-by-step instructions how to prepare yourself for your first flight. Try to get in touch with some experts and learn by asking them questions.


ocean from above


Thank you so much for your insights. Is there anything else that we haven’t touched on that you would like to share?

Just wanted to mention that my Inspire 1 has arrived, and so excited to see what it can do!

Thank you so much for having me. You are running an awesome blog, thanks for that.

Please visit my YouTube Channel or get in touch with me if you want to hire me for your next project.

Always fly safely and responsibly.



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