I have a Million Nightingales a la The Sound of Music

Gary Yost, photographer and filmmaker, was recently approached by a parent at his daughter’s school about filming the 6th grade singing a beautiful song, but with a “Sound of Music” treatment.  The parent had heard that he’d “gone aerial” and thought this would be a lovely use of the new drone.  Well it was and is.  The video is a mix of Panny GH4 and Inspire footage, graded in Davinci Resolve.  According to Yost, “The two sensors play fairly well together but you have to add three ticks of blur to the Inspire footage to mitigate the horrific crunchiness of the oversharpening.  It’s manageable but man… can’t wait for the new firmware which I’m hoping has subtler control of that.”

You can judge the results for yourself.

I Have a Million Nightingales… from Gary Yost on Vimeo.