The Best Drone videos – 2015

Drone videos of amazing places, people and perspectives.

The best drone video on the internet.

Beautiful landscape shots filmed over crystal clear waters and clips of what is most likely the closest thing on earth to paradise.

Extreme sports filmed with drones give us a new angle to what these athletes are capable of, Snowboarding, BMX riding, Surfing, Paragliding, Base Jumping and Windsurfing.

Miniquads like the Lumenier QAV250 piloted by Charpru and Drone racing Star wars pod style.

The most recent addition to the DJI family, the Inspire offers some breath-taking cinematic multirotor videos that are hard to rival with any other commercially available drone in 2015.

Drone Selfies and aerial videos of Thailand’s full moon party with a DJI Phantom 2 Vision +. Flying among exploding fireworks and volcanic ash, the DJI Phantom is capable of so much!

Get a view over two of the world’s most spectacular and beautiful water falls, Victoria Falls Niagara Falls.

Go on a Drone safari and watch as Dolphins in Australia and Wild buffalo and Zebra.


We find the best drone footage and compile it with awesome music and themed into Epic drone videos.

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