Why we travel: Short Documentary of the Lofoten Archipelago – by Katharina and Daniel Haußmann

Why do we travel? Why do we squeeze into an economy seat for hours? Why do we go to distant places and sit for hours on a cold beach to wait for northern lights to show up? There is something that drives us. Something that makes us go to new places.

We set out to the remote islands of Lofoten in Northern Norway to shoot an exclusive high quality 4K short documentary. We, this is Katharina and Daniel Haußmann. Film makers from Frankfurt, Germany. Passionate for high quality films. Adventurers that have just last year been close to an active volcano in Iceland.




In order to accomplish this project we brought a lot of gear to Norway. 5 cameras. A Canon 600D DSLR for Timelapse, a Panasonic GH4 for crisp 4K footage from the ground, a Canon 6D for low light imagery and 2 GoPros of which one Hero4 is mounted to a Phantom II drone by DJI for amazing aerials. On top of that we brought tons of memory cards, batteries, chargers, cables and other accessories.




How is flying in Norway? It’s challenging to say the least. The Lofoten Islands are in the midst of the gulf-stream, which accounts for mild temperatures even in winter. But at the same time is also responsible for humid weather, snow and storms. So the days where we could actually fly were naturally limited. And as always flying over water leaves me still after so many hours of flying with a bad feeling of losing the drone. But a glimpse at the monitor showed me each time that the risk is worth it.




But we should get our crash. Actually only at the 2nd flight of the day for no apparent reason the drone suddenly lost height. Despite efforts to push it up, it came crashing down from about 10 to 15m. Until today I am not clear what happened. Did I descend too fast? In fact I did not really descend. Was it the new carbon props? I probably will never know. Luckily the drone was still operational, despite the gimbal being bent. It showed an uneven horizon and from time to time it tilted away. Still we could get all the remaining shots we wanted.




Another challenge was post-production. I had two objectives. Do an amazing color correction/grading and get rid of the GoPro fisheye look. It came in handy that Photoshop CC 2014 now supports importing video and applying the Camera Raw filter as effect. The downside was that rendering out the video now takes 6 hours. But the result is worth it.

We finished the film with licensing music from themusicbed.com – a great source of stock music and with fantastic travel quotes spoken by British narrator James Gillies.


Camera, direction & edit: Katharina & Daniel Haußmann
Narrator: James Gillies

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