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Equipped with its own 1080p HD camera in a protective case and on a high-precision gimbal, you’ll capture smooth impressive video. The camera housing automatically extends down from the flyer at takeoff and tucks away upon landing – no snagging during packing or crunching on rocks when landing. The camera enclosure also makes it weather-resistant. Don’t let a little snow, rain or desert dust ruin your fun.

C-mi has multiple flight modes built into the software. You can pilot C-mi manually, but the flyer really shines in its various automated modes. Just tell C-mi where you want it and it will maintain that position wherever you go. With GPS and camera feature tracking built in, you can change camera targets seamlessly during flight. Direct your own multi-character movie!



C-mi makes sharing painless with its built in network. C-mi can support multiple interacting GPS target devices, relay data between multiple C-mi vehicles, and share footage directly to the cloud and social media. You get to focus on the imagery you want to capture, not how to fly or manage the system.

Polyhelo drone

Source: Kickstarter

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