Affordable Mechanical Gimbal for Hobbyists, Robotics, Fun and Learning


Most Gimbals use basic cradle/pivot arrangements. We thought we could do better, so we made this deceptively simple Gimbal,  an affordable and elegant solution for “looking around”. Our Gimbal’s mechanism lets you aim a small object – a camera, a light, a laser, whatever you can imagine – with two degrees of freedom using a central origin of rotation.



I like the simplicity of this gimbal; pragmatic and functional. Could you provide some details on the dimensions of the assembly? I think that it would be useful for the integration of the gimbal in any application such as UAV or similar.
By the way, how do you define the initial position? Is it programmable or can it be modified in any way?
I’d like to use such a device in a UAV for the automatic adjustment of two cameras, in order to be able to collect simultaneously data in the NIR and red wavelength. Therefore, I’d like a good mounting space while keeping it compact to integrate into an airframe. – Pascal Fust


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