DJI Founder, Frank Wang, is Forbes’ Newest Billionaire

China’s DJI is the world’s largest consumer drone manufacturer. In 2014, it posted sales of around $500 million and is now valued at a $10 billion following an April investment round.

2006 – Frank Wang, founded DJI and owns about 45%, worth about $4.5B.

2008 – DJI begins sales in Chinese markets.

2009 – DJI begins sales in markets outside China with a revenue of more than $500K.

2012 – Revenue of more than $26M.

2013 – DJI Phantom released. Retails for $679.

2014 – Revenue of more than $500M.

2015 – DJI in talks to raise money at a $10B valuation with a projected revenue of $1B.



By Ryan Mac

Image Credit Forbes