Kickstarter: Smartplane is a Customizable Drone Plane

Smartplane is a customizable airplane drone with Software Development Kit (SDK), and with modular Hardware compartment. You can directly connect 3rd party hardware and start writing applications with SDKs. This enables you to create your own aerial projects and not to worry about the aeronautical and electronics aspects on a drone. Smartplane flies 80 minutes. It can carry your payload up to 300 gr when it’s simply plugged via USB or/and Ethernet port.

Numerous drone development activities show the clear interest in the market. However, we saw that most of the attempts fail to achieve an acceptable flight dynamic. Whether it flight time or payload, it just didn’t make sense for us to have a device that only flies below an hour and even less with the payload. On the other hand, the ones that achieve satisfying flight dynamics were ridiculously expensive. We have engineered and designed Smartplane with performance and cost effectiveness in the center of thought. Be it advanced materials or efficient structures, we are striving for a long endurance and powerful drone – affordable by everyone.

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Vali Ciobanu

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