Booboo: The Drone Made Out of Bamboo

A few months ago we shared with you about the Blast, a quadcopter with nerf-firing capabilities, created by Andy Shen. Well, Andy has been hard at work since then on another creation – a fully interlocking bamboo quadcopter frame. Enter Booboo.


If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly quad frame, or just a really really cool one, this baby’s for you. Booboo is also lightweight, and fully capable of carrying all the usual – camera, gimbal, fpv setup, etc. And what’s more, it is assembled without glue or hardware, so in the case of a crash, you can just fit the pieces back together.


Andy got the original idea in early March, and received the first prototype March 13. With the first production pieces arriving on May 11th, this was his fastest production cycle yet (the Blast took a year!). You can read more about the process of development on If you’d like to own your own Booboo (and who doesn’t want to have a Boo to call their own?) check out the store listing and build instructions.



Source: Andy Shen