The Protector Drone: Made in Germany

Drones shots are becoming more popular, especially for tracking shots close to the ground and close to actors.  Project Aexo was launched to protect the drone from damage or an actor against injuries caused by collisions at such close quarters.It is one of the first Kickstarter projects launched in Germany.

Offered are two frames – one to protect lateral and downward (Aexo motocross for around 250 euros) and a model with extra protection upwards (Aexo protector for around 600 euros) – as well as ready-assembled drones and frames. The frames are made ​​of aluminum fit for Flame Wheel F450 drone-yourself kit manufactured by DJI or rctimer Q450. For 650 euros, there is a comprehensive side frame as a retrofit kit for the DJI Inspire and for around 300 Euro for the DJI Phantom I-III. More expensive (from 5,000 euros) are the (almost) final flight Aexo total solutions including drone and Gimbal.

On these frames, the camera is not hung centrally using the frame, but is on the edge, which, according to the developers has the advantage that it is not shaded by the propellers and has a clear view above. The price of the protection by the Aexo frame is that due to the higher weight, there is a significantly lower air time. Aexo is scheduled for delivery from November 2015.


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