New safety system puts a stop to emergency drone crashes

Drones are super cool but what happens when you lose control and they free fall to the ground, especially with an expensive camera on board?  Now you can get an extra layer of protection with SmartChutes. 

SmartChutes is an autonomous quadcopter recovery system that automatically deploys when an in-flight emergency (free fall, tumble or flip) is detected.  Just install SmartChutes on your multicopter using two bolts and go!  Made of carbon fiber, the lightweight parachute system uses an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer to rapidly deploy the chute at the first sign of danger.  Plus SmartChutes uses its own battery, so its 36″ canopy will trigger even with a total power failure!  SmartChutes will not interfere with normal camera or gimbal placement, remains operational out of range and completely eliminates the need to buy an aftermarket transmitter.

Check out SmartChutes on Kickstarter