Hoovy Aims High to Be the Future of Drone Advertising


Los Angeles, California – Hoovy, the leading drone advertising company, is launching the Advatar, a new type of drone aimed for advertising. The Advatar has eight engines and a lean design that provide tremendous power to fly the biggest possible banners, while staying in the sky longer. The Advatar is equipped with the latest technological safety features and sensors, such as the wind sensor that measures velocity of winds at different altitudes and allow the Advatar to position at ideal height. The Advatar is an efficient, RTS and GPS equipped octocopter that carries a wind-resistant banner ad, moving freely through the air and allowing people to see it from a large radius. The company is launching the Advatar on Indiegogo platform on June 2nd.

The drones that are currently in the market are designed to fly a camera and none of them are designed to fly a banner. “We have spent countless hours perfecting the Advatar” explains Eugene Stark, CEO of Hoovy. The element of movement makes it an interactive and engaging platform for brand exposure that captivates and interests onlookers. The Advatar always seem to gather a large crowd who take pictures of the advertisement, ask questions, and who are very fascinated by the concept.



About Hoovy

Hoovy is innovating the traditional advertising by combining cutting edge drone technology and individualized banners to create a new platform for brand exposure. Eugene Stark, CEO of Hoovy, explains that “little innovation has been seen in the outdoor advertising field in the past century and Hoovy is seeking to change that.” Hoovy is already bringing success to clients by flying their banners in the sky. For now Hoovy is only flying locally, but it is using the indiegogo platform to sell drones nationwide and to subcontract those companies to do national campaigns for its clients.

Eugene Stark
Hoovy LLC, CEO


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