Stay Tuned For The Vader Release By SteadiDrone


Creator of the Mavrik, SteadiDrone is a high-end multicopter manufacturer. Specializing in drones built for aerial professionals, this South African based company will soon be unveiling a new model – the Vader, and the Vader X8.

Retailing at $24,999.00, the Vader X8 will be the top of the line from SteadiDrone. A reliable workhorse for everyday commercial and industrial work, with a massive payload capacity and flight envelope, the Vader folds down into a small compact travel case making it a great option for professional aerial operators.

SteadiDrone offers several build kits starting at $125, ranging to ready-to-fly options like the Flare ($1,999) and the Mavrik ($3,999 – $4,499), making the quality workmanship of a SteadiDrone aircraft just right for any serious drone pilot, no matter your price-range.


Watch this video of the the SteadiDrone Mavrik:





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